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I have been floored by the comprehension and retention. We did the rapid review at the end of our level 1 in 3rd grade today and to hear them yelling these words out in Spanish all together gave me the chills! With short 20 minute lessons retention is always been my biggest struggle and this program has been awesome!

- Liz Wallace, Dock Mennonite Academy, 2017

As an elementary Spanish teacher, I can think of no finer tool for introducing foreign language than FL4K. The program is immersive, strategic and lots of fun. My students were engaged, excited and using the language outside of class with family and friends. That’s because FL4K delivers a coherent and authentic experience with characters the kids love and relevant situations that make them laugh and learn simultaneously. FL4K is a leap forward in foreign language acquisition for kids -- and their parents too!

- Anne Perry, WI Public Schools, 2016

I just want to take a moment and share how happy all our parents are with our Spanish program this year. Emily is doing a wonderful job with the lessons and the content is so engaging and applicable. The children this year are actually going home and using the language they have learned. Thank you so much for creating it and we are looking forward to further developments of this exciting program in the future.

- Kimberly Perry, Principal, AmeriMont Academy, 2017


- Tracy, Public School teacher, New Jersey

I have to tell you that the response from my students so far has been remarkable. This morning I saw a class that had seen the video a couple of days ago, and they remembered almost everything! - Anne, WI Public School Teacher, Wisconsin "I am a Spanish teacher at an Elementary School in Maine. I teach grades K-5. The kids and I love your videos.

- Lisa, Private School teacher, Maine


Our family loves Foreign Languages For Kids. I searched for weeks to find an immersion program that we could do at home as homeschoolers. Most of the programs focused on memorization and my kids were reluctant to stick with any of them. Then we found this program and it's been absolutely phenomenal. Both of my children are eager to learn and have progressed quickly through the levels. They love the quizzes, the bloopers, and the characters and watch the funny scenes over and over again. I am especially impressed by the way that more advanced information is woven back through videos they have already seen. We are all speaking Spanish together at home now--my three year old sometimes babbles in Spanish and my eight year old is excited to begin learning Chinese when the new program is available. Thank you for creating such a fun, interactive, engaging program to teach foreign languages.

I just put the second dvd into dvd player. Right after the music started playing, I heard my children rushing downstairs to join me... maybe I can use your dvd for dinnerbell too because I don't have to call them out to come down.



My son loves these videos. I haven't been drawn to immersion before because it seems so daunting to just throw a child into something that's entirely in Spanish, but these videos make it easy for children to figure out what's being said.

- F.L.

Your program engages my active 7 years old son as well as my 11 years old daughter unlike anything we have tried! -- Amy "It is going GREAT. We are going very slowly with it as my kids are ages 2, 5, and 8.

- Amanda

Kit, you have been extremely kind and understanding. That kind of customer service is rare these days. Thanks so much.

- Deb