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Overview | Our Spanish Video Series

Learn Spanish like you learned your first language—
through context and visual cues
—and in fun life-like situations!

Our Spanish video series is comprised of 8 levels and is offered on DVD or online. The series features children speaking Spanish in a typical day in their life, with much humor and fun. Level 1 starts at breakfast and the series proceeds and Level 8 ends at bedtime. Your students will learn common and useful vocabulary related to their day-to-day lives.

Flight theme
We use an ongoing flight theme in which students are on a journey to several Spanish-speaking countries. Each video is the "in-flight entertainment" shown on the plane to a specific country. Culture and geography units for these countries accompany the videos in the print and online workbooks.

A progressive program
Where the vocabulary and story line build on each other. You will know when your students are ready to progress to the next level in the story when they can call out 80-90% of the Spanish in our Rapid Review Challenge, which is the last video on each DVD.

In just a few lessons, many parents have found themselves surprised as students start speaking Spanish around the house.

Each DVD includes:

  • Three or four short video lessons including a short review (about 5 minutes)
  • Full video story (about 15 minutes)
  • Rapid Review Challenge for speaking practice (2-3 minutes)

Each Level Includes:

  • Geography of one Spanish-speaking country
  • Supplemental materials expand upon the geography to include a full, fun and light culture and geography unit
  • A complete vocabulary list with translation accompanies each DVD1

*For a faster pace, start with the video lesson immediately preceding the Rapid Review Challenge video on each level.


1) Based on our teaching philosophy of immersion, the translations are provided for parents and teachers only and we suggest the translations are not shared with students.
2) Each DVD corresponds with our 8 Level video series.
3) Instructions as to how to use each DVD and pace your students is located inside the front cover, for your convenience.

DVD Level 1: Basketballs Aren't for Breakfast

Story starts at 8 AM: Students are introduced to the three children in the family as they come to and eat breakfast. The personalities of the kids are slowly revealed with one loving to eat, one loving to read, and one loving to play basketball and tending to get himself into trouble. Students are also introduced to the family dogs, one of whom dreams about eating the kids’ breakfast on the table and the other who wants only to be left alone and sleep.

What's covered in this video?

Examples of Vocabulary Taught:

To like/To look/To sleep
Breakfast foods and fruits

Thank you

You’re welcome 

Where is/Here is/There is
Other nouns: Books, Balls
Big/Small Numbers: 1-5
Family: Mother Yes/No

Examples of Sentences your students will learn:

I like books.
I like breakfast
I like to sleep. I don’t like to sleep.
Where is the book?
Where is he? Here he is.
There it is.
Where is it?

Culture and Geography for Flight #101

DVD Level 2: Little Magic House, Part 1

Story starts at 10 AM: Breakfast is over and Eli and Parker are playing basketball. As they are playing, their new neighbor, Gracie (15 years old), approaches. After several attempts, Eli finally manages to get Parker’s attention so he can introduce Gracie. Eli is very happy to spend time with his new friend and introduce her to his family. Soon Eli and Gracie leave so Eli can show her his house which surprises her. Gracie then meets the family dogs, Eli’s Mother, and his brother Andy. Andy loves nature and being outdoors so they find him planting flowers outside of his tent. Gracie is surprised again when she sees what Andy has inside his small tent.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Verbs: To have/To want/To come/To read/To eat/To jump
Personal pronouns (I, you, he/she, etc.)
Possessive pronouns (my, yours)

Demonstrative Pronouns: This/That/These

Family/Community: Brothers, Sisters
Friends, Neighbors
Clothing: Shirt, Shoes
Other Nouns: House, Door, Friends
Animals: Dogs
Adverbs: Inside/Outside

Questions and Answers: What’s your name? My name is …

Examples of Sentences your students will learn:

This is my brother/friend/neighbor/mother.
That’s my house.
Do you want a book? Do you like basketball?
Do you like dogs?
What’s your name?/My name is ____.
He is outside/inside.
The small dog likes to sleep.
The big dog likes to eat.
I have two sisters.
He likes to read.

Culture and Geography for Flight #102

DVD Level 3: Little Magic House, Part 2

Story starts at 11 AM: This story is a continuation of Gracie's visit and also introduces the Wacky Rainbow Restaurant. The story opens with Andy asking Eli and Gracie if they are thirsty and the hungry, and offering them a fun variety of beverage and snacks, all emerging from his small tent, to Gracie's surprise. Both Eli and Gracie choose snacks, including apples, with Eli making it clear he wants a red apple. When Eli and Gracie become distracted, Andy plays a trick on Eli, giving him a green apple. Eli isn't happy with Andy when he discovers his trick and Gracie starts to figure out the color rivalty between the brothers.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples Vocabulary taught: 

Verbs: To drink
Foods: grapes, cookies, cakes, oranges
Drinks: juice, water, milk, chocolate milk
Being hungry/being thirsty
The check
Colors: red, green, orange, yellow
Excuse me
A lot
Common Questions and Answers: What’s your name? My name is …

Examples of Sentences your students will learn: 

I am/you are/we are hungry.
I am/you are/we are thirsty.
What do you want to drink? I/We want...
What do you want to eat? I/We want...
Excuse me?
The check please?
I have a lot of oranges/red apples/green apples.
Me too.
I like red too.
Look, there's Little!
Look, there's Little and Big!
Come, Little!
Come, Little and Big!

Culture and Geography for Flight #103
Costa Rica

DVD Level 4: Out to Lunch

Story starts at 12 PM: Gracie has gone home after her visit with Eli. It is now lunchtime and Eli must feed the dogs. After finally finding Pequeña (who was sleeping on the couch), he can finally feed the very hungry dogs. Eli, though, is ravenous himself (as always), and is easily distracted by what he wants to eat and drink, forgetting about the dogs. Grande and Pequeña, frustrated, have to keep reminding Eli to give them their food and water! Eli’s father comes into the kitchen to finish making the family lunch and now it is Eli who is frustrated when he learns that the lunch is not ready. When the dogs are done eating, they go to the door to let Eli know they want to go outside. Eli realizes that he too wants to go outside and excitedly runs to the door, grabbing his baseball mitt, and runs outside to play, once again forgetting about the dogs and leaving them inside.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Verbs: to love (a thing), to close, to leave
More food-related words and phrases: lunch, chicken, rice, ice cream, dog food, kitchen
More Numbers: 6-11, hundred, thousand, million
Good, better, best, worst* Ready Again His/Hers/Ours How many? Plastic, recycling I’m sorry Be careful later Happy Birthday

Examples of Sentences your students will learn:

Is our lunch ready?
Little is sleeping again!
Is Little in the kitchen?
How many do you want?
Happy Birthday!
Put it in recycling, not the trash.
This one is good, this one is better, this one is the best and this one is the worst!
Water is good, milk is better, and juice is the best!
Do you want to go out and pla ?
I’m sorry!

Culture and Geography for Flight #201

DVD Level 5: The Color War

It is mid-afternoon. The boys are inside talking and enjoying a snack of fruits. They start a fun dialogue using the verb “to know” in different ways. Eli and Andy decide to play a game but when Eli chooses the color red, a friendly competition emerges about whether Andy’s color green or Eli’s color red is the best. The joking escalates, culminating with Eli and Andy playing a real game of tug of war, with half of the rope being red and the other green. In the midst of their tug of war game, their friend Stephanie arrives with her soccer ball, asking the boys to come play with her. Eli drops his rope suddenly to go with her, causing Andy to fall. Andy pops right back up chasing the others to join in their game of soccer.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Verbs: Can, To Know, To Love (person),
To Swim, To Kick, To dance, To shop, To play
the piano, To Play Tennis/Soccer, To run,
to play
More colors: pink, purple, white, brown,
black, white
How old are you?
What are you doing?
What is your favorite color?
At what time?
Trees, grass
a present
Animals: horse, cat, fish, pig, rabbit, bird

Examples of Sentences students will learn:

I like yellow because I have a yellow bird.
Eli likes red because his baseball shirt is red.
Andy knows; he loves Big.
Happy Birthday, Big, I love you!
How old you?
I like green because trees and grass are green.
Why is green your favorite color?
I can! I can’t!

Geography for Flight #202:
Panama City, Panama

DVD Level 6: Dinner Disaster

The kids are finishing up their soccer game while Parker is looking for his lost tooth. Mom calls in the kids due to rain and Parker runs in showing off his lost tooth and is also very dirty. The kids all take showers and even bathe Big before dinner. Eli is excited for dinner and is the first to come down but to his dismay finds Mom sleeping and the dinner very badly burned. Eli is very upset. Andy, to be kind to his mother and also to annoy Eli, insists that they can eat the badly burned dinner. Soon thereafter the dogs start barking causing the boys to look outside their window where they see something they wish they could have. They wistfully look out their window while Grande gets into some trouble of her own.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Verbs: To look, To do, to recycle, to bathe, to be on the computer, to wash, to wait
Weather, rainbow
Days of the Week
Body Parts
the world

How are you?
Who? Who are you?

Examples of Sentences your students will learn: 

It’s raining. It’s sunny.
It’s clear sky. It’s cloudy.
It’s snowing.
Who are you?
I’m your doctor. I’m the firefighter. I’m the waiter.
I’m on the phone. I’m playing computer games. I’m doing my homework. I’m cooking.
I’m looking for my book. Here it is!
What’s the weather today?

Geography of Flight #301:

DVD Level 7: Basketball Aren't for Breakfast Part 1

The disaster of a dinner is over and it’s 8:00, 12 hours since breakfast. It’s time to get ready and go to bed. Mom checks that the boys have what they need in their bathroom and reminds them to wash their faces and brush their teeth. Parker has his own unconventional way of getting the job done. Not surprisingly, Parker wants to play instead of sleep, to Mom’s dismay. And Eli and Andy aren’t much better.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, Is your face clean? And your teeth?
towel, soap
face and hands
bed and pillow
today, yesterday, tomorrow
the calendar and months
before and after
the seasons
more clothing: socks, pajamas, pants, underwear

Examples of Sentences students will learn:

Time for bed?
How many books can I read?
When is the party?
When is Little’s birthday?
Put your tooth behind your pillow.
School starts in September.

DVD Level 8: Basketball Aren't for Breakfast Part 2

It’s 45 minutes later and to Mom’s dismay, the boys are far from asleep. Parker can’t sleep without his little dog. Eli and Andy, sharing the same bed, disagree of course about whose half of the bed is better (the green or the red side). Finally, Mom has had enough. Parker apologizes and tries to go to sleep next to Little, who of course is already sleeping, But Parker doesn’t want to sleep nearly as much as Pequena does.

What’s covered? The vocabulary from the previous level, plus:

Examples of Vocabulary taught:

Turning the lights on and off
Opening and closing the door
Numbers: 15, 30, 45
Living Room
No More

Examples of Sentences students will learn:

Turn off the light. I want the light on.
I want the door open.
I want to play in the day and in the night.
It’s 8:45. You have to sleep. You have school tomorrow.
The kitchen is closed!
Now, the kitchen is open!
I have to go to the bathroom.
Little is sleeping on the sofa in the living room.
I always sleep with my basketball.
I’m happy; I have Little and I have my basketball.
I love you, Mom, you are the best Mom!

Geography of Flight # 303: