Complete Online Video Series

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Complete Online Video Series
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Our Spanish Video Lessons

Our Video Lessons are at the heart of our program. They teach foreign language through an eight-level children's sitcom. Using a combination of humor and stories featuring a colorful cast of kids speaking the target language during day-to-day life. The Video Lessons start at breakfast and end at bedtime. They cover activities and topics that are part of a child's daily life, such as meals, sports, birthday parties, getting ready for bed, and much more. Children are drawn into the stories, wanting to see what happens next, all while learning a new language. It's a fun and stress-free way to learn. Children relate to the content and as a result, they learn quickly and retain what they learn.

Our Video Lessons are available on DVDs or as part of our full online curriculum.

Our Online Spanish Curriculum

Our Spanish program is a full eight level curriculum. At twice a week, the curriculum can be completed in two to three years using the supplemental products and full online program. The video program alone, without the supplemental activities, can be done in one year.

The program is designed to give teachers and parents many choices so they can customize the curriculum to fit their needs based on their own students, goals, time, and interests.

The curriculum may be done as a full curriculum or as a supplement to other materials or another program.

The video program works for students of all ages, from 3 – 103, since it is taught similarly to how we all acquired our first languages. Students will use different supplemental materials based on their ages and abilities.

Each of the eight levels of the Online Curriculum include: 

  • Video Lessons (in Spanish only)
  • A Rapid Review Video Challenge for Speaking Practice
  • Two Listening Comprehension Quizzes
  • Two Reading Comprehension Quizzes
  • A Full Culture and Geography Unit (in English)
  • Two Culture and Geography Quizzes
  • Interactive Worksheets (lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school students)
  • Student Scorecards and Teacher Gradebooks

The supplemental products, for each of the eight levels, include (sold separately):

  • Teacher Guides with detailed lesson plans and many choices of hands-on activities and games to get your students speaking Spanish; some art, writing, and reading activities as well
  • Print Student Workbooks with many different activities to practice their Spanish; also includes a full Culture and Geography Unit
  • Flashcards/Cards and Card Games designed to get students speaking Spanish while having fun
  • Sticker Sets used for some activities and to put around the home or class as easy vocabulary reminders
  • Listo Game, a bingo style game based on Levels 1-3
  • Dice Off Game, an active, hands-on board game teaching common, useful verbs and adverbs (may be done with the program or on its own)


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